Virtual Schedule

April 5th – April 8th

Regular JSU programming is ongoing virtually, be in touch with your JSU Director for information


Davening with Nechama – Daily with Nechama (adult woman) – Sunday -Wednesday, 11am

Something to Say at the Seder – R’ Jacob Bernstein (15 minutes daily) – Sunday – Monday, 7pm

Class on Emunah – Rabbi Diamond, Sunday – Monday, 9pm


Break Dancing Class – Rabbi Simon Taylor,  4.30pm 


Lunch time inspiration – Rabbi Manu Hass, 12pm

Passover Cooking with Nechama: Potato Kugel  – 4pm

Queens Chapter Laptop & Learning – R’ Avi Solomon, 8pm

Game Night – Hosted by Great Neck NCSY,  9pm


Lunch Time Inspiration – Adele, 12pm

Passover Cooking with Nechama: Desserts  – 2pm

iPhone & Inspiration – Rabbi Avi Solomon,  7pm


Siyum – R’ Avi Solomon – Wednesday, 9.45am

Upcoming Events