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The Mission

As the holiday of Sukkot approaches, we at NCSY recognize the great need to assist Jewish families to participate in the transformative mitzva of having a Sukkah in their own home. Jewish families around the globe yearn to connect to their roots. We believe that the power and beauty of the Sukkah is a gateway to the next step in one’s Jewish journey. It connects us to our ancestors’ journey through the desert after leaving Egypt on the way to the Land of Israel. And it brings into focus the vulnerability that exists in our modern world, despite our best attempts to control it, and how our Creator watches over us constantly. Stepping out of the permanence of our own homes and feeling G-d’s all-encompassing embrace in the Sukkah’s impermanent structure is a sacred tradition that all Jews should have the opportunity to experience.

Our mission is to provide the materials, knowledge, and opportunity to Jews who would otherwise not experience this mitzva to observe and create new Jewish memories and connections through being part of the Sukkah Project.

A donation of $1,000 provides a family their own 8×10 Sukkah, Schach, delivery, assembly, and Torah know-how to those applicants seeking a higher connection. As we prepare for the Yamim Noraim, please partner with us so we can share this special opportunity.

כל האזרח בישראל ישבו בסוכות

Every member of the Jewish people should dwell in Sukkahs

Vayikra 12:42

Who will receive a sukkah?

Those who:

Are seeking to take on a new mitzva 

Never had the opportunity to own a sukkah 

Families that are enrolled in NCSY/JSU/TJJ Programming

The Sukkah

8×10 Ease Lock Supreme

Your donation will include Sukkah, Schach, and delivery!

Contact to find out other ways to get involved

“This is amazing! Having a Sukkah would completely transform our holiday”

NCSY Sukkah recipient