Ari Greene

- Director of Development 2126138285

As Director of Development for NY NCSY, Ari is responsible to lead NY NCSY’s fundraising campaigns and work to further the mission of NY NCSY through development and community engagement. He also serves as a member of the senior leadership team and work collaboratively with all stakeholders to develop the vision and implementation of plans for the region.

Ari has a strong background in roles including but not limited to recruiting, business development, relationship building, and sales. With his diverse skillsets, extensive experience in strategic leadership, and warm, engaging personality, Ari is a great asset to our team.

He is known to go beyond the scope of his duties with fervor, and with a creative and entrepreneurial approach. He is passionate and responsible, friendly, and driven. A natural people person, Ari has a wealth of experience in fostering and managing relationships with others and takes pride in earning the trust of those with whom he cultivates relationships.