JWRP (Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project)

Since 2017, New York NCSY has partnered with JWRP to bring Jewish moms to Israel for a free* 8-day trip. NCSY has branded this group as “TJJ for Moms.”  TJJ, The Jerusalem Journey, is designed for public school teenagers looking to delve deeper into their Jewish heritage through hands-on, meaningful experiences in Israel.
The idea of “TJJ for Moms” is to empower women, fill them with inspiration, strengthen their Jewish values, and create a deeper relationship with the land of Israel. Part two is to send them home with this newfound knowledge and passion to share with their families, communities, and the world.
Over the last two summers, New York NCSY has taken over 30 women to Israel. These women either have teens who are already involved with NCSY or are ready to learn more about what NCSY has to offer. Each of these special women had her own personal reasons for wanting to come on the trip, but a common thread united them all: the desire to build a deeper connection with their heritage, their ancestral homeland, their families, and themselves. Each woman, with her own story, contributed to uniting the group together from individuals to family.
One woman commented, “on the way to Israel I knew who came knowing someone from before, but on my way back to New York, I could not remember anymore.”