Bronx Jewish Community Council

Location: Bronx, NY

Chesed Categories: Jewish Community Centers, Hunger, Seniors,

Bronx Jewish Community Council:

The Bronx Jewish Community Council, is a non-sectarian, community based, social service organization that is available to all low-income individuals in the Bronx. Serving 12,000 individuals each year, BJCC specializes in addressing senior needs, particularly those aging in place. Services range from emergency cash assistance, connections to benefits and entitlements, care management, mental health outreach and other life-sustaining support services. BJCC’s offices house one of largest food pantries in the Bronx, with 2,400 individuals frequenting the pantry each month.

More info:

BJCC engages a network of over 2,000 individuals, collaborates with nearly 100 schools, synagogues and groups. BJCC has many opportunities to get involved including an active food pantry and the opportunity to custom create a unique project! Whether you are a school teacher looking to engage your classroom, play a musical instrument or can juggle tennis balls while standing on one foot, BJCC will work with you to create an opportunity that is meaningful to you!

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