Emerging Leaders Fellowship

About The Fellowship

The New York NCSY Emerging Leaders Fellowship aims to shape emerging community leaders, educators and young leaders who are planning careers in Jewish Education, Kiruv, not-for-profit management, the Rabbinate, or those who hope to serve the broad Jewish community in a lay leadership capacity. This year-long Fellowship will support the Fellows’ development in working as part of a dynamic multidisciplinary team dedicated to connecting, inspiring and empowering Jewish teens and encouraging passionate Judaism through Torah and Tradition throughout the New York area.

2019-2020 Fellows

Michael Nassimi

Michael Nassimi joins the NCSY team as the Great Neck Fellow. He will work with the local communities to run programs for the local public school students, and focus on developing more chessed opportunities. After attending yeshivat Netiv Aryeh, he has been leading Friday chaburas in HANC Highschool. Michael graduates from YU in the fall with a bachelors in mathematical- economics, and will be pursuing a career in actuarial science.


Roni Kahan
Roni Kahan is from Skokie, Illinois and graduates from Stern College in May with a degree in Psychology. She has spent the past two summers as an advisor on NCSY GIVE and is a New York NSCY and 4G advisor. She is looking forward to strengthening her leadership skills and continuing to work with and learn from the NCSY community.





Yehoshua Segal
Yehoshua Segal joined the NCSY family a year ago as an advisor in the KJ/Ramaz division for New York NCSY. After attending Yeshivat Hakotel for a year and half following his time at TABC, Yehoshua is now a Junior at Yeshiva University studying Economics. Yehoshua spends his summers as the Head of Teens of Camp Mesorah where he’s able to connect and work with many teens on a personal basis. Yehoshua looks forward to a year of growth and productivity with New York NCSY!



Tzvi Hirsch

Tzvi Hirsch Cohen is on his way to graduate Yeshiva University with a degree in psychology this coming spring, and dreams to become a rabbi in the future.
He has experience in bringing the love and the warmth of Torah to people of all ages, little kids, teens, adults, and the elderly, because he truly believes that every yid should uncover his or her own unique strengths and connection with HaShem.
He’s thrilled to be working for NCSY, particularly in the Long Island region this year, and can’t wait to bring the fire of Yiddishkite to his community.


Michal Yaker

After spending the last two years as a NY NCSY advisor and working on both TJJ and TJJAP, Michal is excited to continue her involvement in NCSY as a Fellow. After returning from spending a year in Israel at MMY, she attends Stern College for Women and will graduate with a double major in Judaic Studies and Psychology with a minor in Education. She is passionate about Jewish communal work and plans to pursue degrees in both Jewish Education and Psychology.


For more information, please contact Rina Emerson at emersonr@ncsy.org